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Ever wondered how you can maximize your WordPress website or be able to maintain it easier than it should?


See the essential tools or features you can use below that might help you optimize your new or existing website as not only does add more functions to your Administrator capabilities but it also aids you in understanding how to maintain your WordPress website easily.


Back up your WordPress database

It is always a good idea to back up your database regularly, making sure you can revert back to somewhere when something goes wrong with your website.


In setting up WordPress sites, we find that when it comes to migrating or creating a backup of your database, a lot of plugins are already available in the WordPress plugins page. We already tried some of them and we even compared the back up process of each to manually dumping your MySQL database via PhpMyAdmin and / or command line.


The database migration and back up tool / plugin that got our attention is WP-Migrate-DB. This plugin allows you to specify which tables you want to back up or even the whole database with an option to automatically replace your current website’s URL to a new one which is an excellent feature if you’re in the process of migrating your website to another domain or server. All database migration and back up process is intuitive as it shows you a dynamic progress on each table that is already backed up or being migrated.


Upon the completion of the back up process, you will have the option to download your database (gzipped compress!) that you can import using manual method (phpmyadmin) or other import tool for WordPress.


We highly recommend this plugin to be a part of your WordPress feature as we have already tested this with an enormous WordPress MySQL database and the process only took a little more than 5mins.


Make your Website optimized for Search Engines and Social Media

Another plus to have in your WordPress website is making your site reachable and understandable by different Social Media websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, etc. Having your website social media friendly helps you gain more traffic and popularity.


Since Social Media is one of the biggest things in the world and the internet right now, there are two major plugins clashing to be the top Social Media helper in WordPress, these are All in One SEO Pack and Yoast Plugin.


While both plugin’s focus is mainly SEO or Search Engine Optimization, they also have powerful Social Media features that will benefit your website’s social media presence.


Choosing between the two plugins mainly derives from your personal criteria as some WordPress users prefer ease-of-use, intuitive or user-friendly while others prefer it simple, no additional stuff and straight-to-the-point. Still, what to use depends on your own preferences and needs for your website.


Share Buttons

An additional feature you might want to have for your site is for your visitors or guests to be able to easily share your website’s contents, pages and articles to different social media websites. This can be done quickly with the use of share plugins.


There are a lot of websites out there that offers services that automatically displays share buttons to your website, however, most of them requires you to join their websites and that means another user account to manage outside your WordPress website and in order to user their services, you need to copy a certain script they generate and paste it somewhere in your theme files, a tedious work compared to simply installing a WordPress plugin!


Good thing numerous WordPress Plugins exists featuring configurable share buttons. By configurable, meaning, you can specify which social media share buttons you want to use in your site from Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and more!


Using a WordPress plugin doesn’t require any knowledge in scripting or programming as the purpose of a plugin is to make it easy for admins / users to add features to their site without having to code. With this in mind, we mostly use a very simple Social Share plugin called AddToAny. With it you can configure your share buttons to show large or small icons, add or remove different social media sites, show share counts, floating share icons, and many more.


Secure your Website!

We all know that there are numerous known cases where a WordPress website is defaced or hacked by people who doesn’t have anything better to do. So you should know better and make sure you have a front-line security measures for your site, this is where All In One WP Security and Firewall becomes handy.


AIOWP prevents anonymous attacks to your site by optimizing your Database tables, URL structures, file storage and adding enhanced authentication features to your site. Not only that but it allows you to configure the way your site is accessed or even create a block list.


This is a very good plugin to have in your website as your first layer of defense against hackers but as a disclaimer, WordPress is still an open-source software with vulnerabilities, so it is always a good practice to make sure your WordPress and plugins are up-to-date especially with security releases.



The list above are what we think you should look into and consider having in your WordPress website. There are a lot of alternative plugins you can use having similar features, and again, what to use for your website depends on your own preferences and website needs. Think of the plugins as your investment to your website.


Need help in setting up the plugins mentioned above or want to start your new WordPress website? Contact us now, we’re more than happy to help!

Be social and share!

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