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Be social and share!

Whether you are an individual entrepreneur, a startup or a part of a well-known company, your customers are using social media and there’s no reason you shouldn’t be. Aside from it costs almost nothing, it’s a perfect way to boost your website traffic which can eventually have a great financial impact on your business. However, social media marketing isn’t just about making a blog post, creating a page, or posting a photo or a tweet. Just like any other form of traditional online marketing, you need to have a strategy and set a goal. Social media can become a powerful source of your website traffic if utilized properly.

Optimizing your social media marketing efforts involves everything from making sure your profiles have the right keywords, to ensuring that the content of your post rocks. Social media comes in many forms as it allows community members to share their experiences in many different ways. Some of the most popular types of social media are: blogs, microblogs (Twitter), social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn), media-sharing sites (Youtube, Instagram) and review sites (Yelp).

If you want to take the advantage of driving more traffic to your website through the power of social media, here are some tips:


Choose your Platform

Social media should be an investment of your time, as simple as that. Spend time on the platforms where your target markets are, and take the time to understand how to be successful on your chosen platform. Do not waste your time on platforms and having no-one to interact with you. Remember, you must connect and communicate with your audience!


Add your Website’s URL

It’s a must! Add your website’s URL to your social media profile. Adding your website link will not just get more traffic but is also good for SEO purposes.


Make your Post Visually Appealing

Grabbing someone’s attention while they’re scrolling through the pages of their news feed is the key. Add high resolution images to your posts to make it stand out. Your image is everything! You can add a simple yet colorful image and include your logo. Including an image that offers value with good information, or that simply looks amazing will make them want to visit your website.


Add Links to your Post

Keep it simple and sums up quickly what your content is about while it encourage the reader to click through your website link for further information. You may also end it with a question so your readers will be intrigued to go to your website or blog to find the answer.


Make your Content “Sharable”

Aside from making sure that your content catches the attention and interest of your target market, make sure that your website or blog have properly configured social media buttons which your audience can easily use in sharing your content.


Use #Hashtags Efficiently

Hashtags make it easier for social networks to categorize your updates and makes them visible to their search function. However, take time to learn the best practices of using them in each platform to make sure that you’re using them correctly. Using popular hashtags to your post may increase your potential audience.


Be Mobile-Friendly

As the Android and iOS smartphone rises, social media audiences have grown and continued to share on-the-go, whether at work, in transit or during recreation. Make sure to design your website and publish your content for mobile consumption while keeping it short, fun and relevant.


Don’t be a Spammer

Yes it is important to post regularly but if you share too much, people eventually will learn to ignore your posts and may even unfollow you. Consider your own habits of how you use social media. Create a smart schedule for your postings rather than a crowded one.


Engage, engage and engage!

Don’t just schedule your posts and then walk away. Interact with your online members or followers by asking questions, responding to comments and creating a conversation.



If you have an extra budget, advertising on your preferred social media can drive traffic to your website. Social media advertising helps you find new potential clients by using users’ own shared information to identify their interest which has been an effective way to target the right audience and get even better results than organic.


Finally, it is important to monitor your results to make sure that your social media marketing actually work. You may use google analytics in getting your website statistics, monitor the number of your website sign-up or observe how people react to your posts.

Taking time to research and understand what your audience is doing in social media will not just boost your website traffic but will also empower your business.

Be social and share!

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