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WordPress plugins you need to Jump-start your Website

April 2, 2017       

Ever wondered how you can maximize your WordPress website or be able to maintain it easier than it should?   See the essential tools or features you can use below that might help you optimize your new or existing website as not only does add more functions to your Administrator capabilities but it also aids you

The Sexy Chef received The 2016 #BeTheBoss E-Commerce Award

September 10, 2016       

One of the websites developed by our team have received the 2016 BeTheBoss award for the category of E-Commerce.   We would like to thank The Sexy Chef in giving us the opportunity to work with them and provided us full support in developing and designing their e-commerce website.   This just shows that state of

Boosting Your Website Traffic through Social Media Marketing

June 1, 2016       

Whether you are an individual entrepreneur, a startup or a part of a well-known company, your customers are using social media and there’s no reason you shouldn’t be. Aside from it costs almost nothing, it’s a perfect way to boost your website traffic which can eventually have a great financial impact on your business. However,

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